Resize Multiple Images Magically - HandyIMG

To get the maximum reduced image size while maintaining quality, we recommend using, first the resize option and then the compress option. Other tools are also available.

Resize Image

Resize JPG, PNG, SVG, WEBP or GIF image by pixel or percentage. Change image dimensions in bulk. Resize multiple images magically!

Custom Resize

By Pixel
By Percent
50% Smaller
How to quickly resize images?

1. Upload single or multiple photos you want to resize. You can upload up to 100 images in a batch or up to 100 MB of image filesize at once!

2. Wait for images to be uploaded and then procced to option, choose the format you want your images to be resized to.

3. You can also use percentage option to resize images or to resize them normally with height and width.

4. Click on "Resize" to resize your photo.

5. After resizing finished, you will get the download secured link and you can also share that link, your images will be available for download up to 6 hours, after that will be deleted from our servers.