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To get the maximum reduced image size while maintaining quality, we recommend using, first the resize option and then the compress option. Other tools are also available.

Welcome to HandyIMG

Hosted in Germany, HandyIMG Brand offers since 2021 is a simple and easy-to-use image editing tools for users worldwide. HandyIMG is a free cloud-based service for editing online images in bulk.

Our story began with us using web image processing programs as web developers for years, but on almost every one we found some flaw or something was simply complicated. So we decided to launch this HandyIMG project that will provide all our visitors with a free and easy way to optimize and modify their images. Our basic motto is simplicity and speed.

One of our main advantages is the ability to work with multiple images simultaneously, whether you need to reduce images by size, resolution, number of pixels, crop images, rotate images, optimize image file size, convert images to different formats.

We will always strive to improve our services as well as expand the service to other options and enrich the possibilities. Our guide is satisfied visitors who will be able to process their images in 3 simple steps and save them for easier sending via e-mail, updating content on websites or social networks, etc.

If you have taken a tour of our software, you will see the simplicity of our user interface. We removed all unnecessary information and complexity because we found out it confuses users, especially does who want to get the job done and leave.

With our goal-focused user interface, all you have to do is to click on the tool you want to use and get started with no complexity or distraction.

Enjoy using HandyIMG services!