To get the maximum reduced image size while maintaining quality, we recommend using, first the resize option and then the compress option. Other tools are also available.

HandyIMG Features for fast image modification online

Check out the features of HandyIMG.


HandyIMG Features for fast image modification online.

This is what makes HandyIMG amazing.

The number one issue handyIMG solved is easy, the simplicity of using handyIMG is amazing. All tools can be used in just 3 simple steps to make your job easy and stress-free.

The Simplicity Of HandyIMG:

All tools available in HandyIMG are designed and created with our users in mind. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time clicking and navigating a lot of web pages just to edit their files, that is why we made the total process simple and easy to use.

How easy is it to use:

HandyIMG was designed with time complexity in mind, that the goal is to save you time as much as possible. Even a first-time user can use our software without need any help. Plus did I mention you can upload and process up to 100 images at once?

The Quality of the final product:

We understand this is a concern by many people and am sure you have come across some other tools that reduce the quality of your image. Well, don’t need to worry because you will not have that problem with our software. We designed it so it protects the quality of your image completely, with no single pixel lost.

Security of your files

This is a concern we know. Your files are all saved and never at risk because we totally wipe all files a few hours after you are done editing.

What Tools do we Have

We have six amazing tools ready for use right now on handyIMG, all performing various kinds of tasks. Tool 1 Resize images: With this tool, you can resize your image or bulk of images easily. You can do this by percentage or changing the height and width of the image. Tool 2 Crop images: With the help of our tool, you can crop your image or bulk of images easily. Tool 3 Compress images: We all want high-quality files taking low space in our devices, with our tool you can reduce the size of your files Tool 4 Rotate images: Rotate your image to any degree you want. Tool 5 Convert PNG to JPG: You can easily convert PNG images to JPG images. Tool 6 Convert JPG to PNG: You can easily convert JPG images to PNG images.

HandyIMG: Ease, Simplicity, and Quality.